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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aware of citizen’s rights and combat corruption

It has already been said by various prominent social reformers and also felt by general public all over the world that corruption is a malaise that hampers justice, equality and denies many legal rights to common man in his public life.  

The public life in India has much eroded in it’s over 60 years of freedom, like many other counter part countries all over the world.

To create general awareness on its efforts to combat corruption the United Nations Convention Aagainst Corruption (UNCAC) has declared December 9 every year as International Anti-corruption Day.

 In its efforts the Central Vigilance Commission in India is organizing a Seminar on this day the 9th December 2010, on “Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption”. The occasion also marks launching of a Project named ‘VIGEYE’ an acronym for Vigilance Eye which implies that the citizen would act as the eyes of the commission in keeping vigil on public affairs.

General public should be aware of this and come forward to fight against corruption by becoming a VIGEYE.

The main advantages of VIGEYE as per the Government of India press release, is that it has a simplified process of filing complaints and will provide authentic identity of the complainant. It would be completely digitized and will give online access to vigilance information.
Source:  PIB, India

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