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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What are the main features of Engineering Service Examination 2011?

The Union Public Service Commission, India will hold the Engineering Service Examination 2011, commencing from May 14, 2011.

Details of examination regarding eligibility conditions, syllabi, scheme of the examination, Examination centers, and guidelines for filling up the application form are available in the employment News/Rozgar Samachar dated January 8, 2011.

Candidates have to apply online at:   http:/ Detailed instructions to fill up the online application are available on this website.

Candidates residing in some specified remote areas only are entitled to apply Offline using Common application form which can be purchased from designated Head Post Offices/Post Offices throughout India.

Link for online application forms will be disabled after
February 7, 2011 Indian Standard time 11.59 p.m.

Offline applications may be sent only by Post/Speed post  to the address “Controller of Examinations, Union Public Service Commission, Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110069”, on or before February 14, 2011.

Applications are not received by hand or courier.

Detailed notice of the examination is available on UPSC website i.e.

For any further information and guidance please contact UPSC Facilitation counter in person or phone. Telephone No: 011-23385271/011-23381125/011-23098543.

Source: Press Information Bureau, India

Thursday, December 16, 2010

What is after Ayodhya Verdict?

Finally, the judgment in the Ram Janam Bhumi-Babri Masjid title suits has been pronounced by the Special Bench of the High Court of Allahabad.  It has taken almost 6 decades for the country to come to a conclusion and different sections of the people in the country were eagerly waiting for a judicious pronouncement on this sensitive issue. The issue relates to sensitive matters on which different sections of the people have held different views.  

Maintain the Status-Quo
the orders delivered by the Honorable Judges need to be examined carefully.  What ever be the final outcome of the verdict it is necessary that as a secular democratic country every one should uphold the constitutional value and do their level best to keep the country united always in any diverse decision to be implemented finally. All possible efforts should be made for a consensus by all the sections of the people as early as possible. The High Court itself has directed that the - Status Quo as prevailing till date shall be maintained for a period of three months.  Further, the High Court has granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court for a final decision on this. There should be no stone left unturned to arrive into a decision that amicably settle the issue for ever. It shall not haunt any one later and that should keep our great country united always with all such diverse cultural, linguistic and social affairs.
Different Views on the issues
There had been different opinion expressed by different judges on these issues and reaching to a solution acceptable to all parties was very difficult for them. So many complex issues were involved in the suits and knowingly or un- knowingly some of the points which the ordinary people see as very important might have been over looked too. The three Honorable judges have given their findings on the issues and finally pronounced the relief in a manner by taking   into account all the possible repercussion that may follow in the country in general. The need of the hour is to maintain the status quo until the case is finally taken up by the Supreme Court of India.

Maintain Unity in all such Diversities

We the people of India have already shown our patience and perseverance in the issue and maintained all such law and order in the country remarkably well after the pronouncement of the judgment. Those who were waiting to cheer for doomsdays in the country are at their curse. We the people of India shall stand united for ever. We must always maintain our best tradition in the country. We should never heed to such disruptive forces or rumor mongers who are all awaiting to create panic in the minds of common people and push the country in to anarchy and bloodshed. Ours is a great tolerant nation with secular and democratic values and respect all our country men as our own brothers and sister irrespective of their caste, creed and belief.

Individual and collective responsibility

Each and every one should take their own efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the country and never let any untoward incident broke out anywhere on this issue. Every one should be individually and collectively vigilant to halt any mischief s or stray incidents which may broke out due to differences in the opinion against or favoring the verdict.
Every one should respect each other and work for the common interest of the country and realizing the need shall stand united for ever in all the adversities our country may face out of this. Let what ever be our faith and belief, we all shall remain united ever for a strong India and be proud to be Indian.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Aware of citizen’s rights and combat corruption

It has already been said by various prominent social reformers and also felt by general public all over the world that corruption is a malaise that hampers justice, equality and denies many legal rights to common man in his public life.  

The public life in India has much eroded in it’s over 60 years of freedom, like many other counter part countries all over the world.

To create general awareness on its efforts to combat corruption the United Nations Convention Aagainst Corruption (UNCAC) has declared December 9 every year as International Anti-corruption Day.

 In its efforts the Central Vigilance Commission in India is organizing a Seminar on this day the 9th December 2010, on “Empowering Citizens to Combat Corruption”. The occasion also marks launching of a Project named ‘VIGEYE’ an acronym for Vigilance Eye which implies that the citizen would act as the eyes of the commission in keeping vigil on public affairs.

General public should be aware of this and come forward to fight against corruption by becoming a VIGEYE.

The main advantages of VIGEYE as per the Government of India press release, is that it has a simplified process of filing complaints and will provide authentic identity of the complainant. It would be completely digitized and will give online access to vigilance information.
Source:  PIB, India

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Will India get a permanent seat in the U.N. Security Council?

The U.S. President Barack Obama was wholeheartedly welcomed by Indian people and delighted to see him in the country on his first visit over here. H e has been regarded as a great leader pursuing a great vision for peace, security and welfare for all people and countries world around. The commitment of both the democratic nations for better relationship and cooperation in matters that influence world order, security and peace are praise worthy. The need of this century is sustained efforts by these two great democracies working together for a stable, secure and peaceful world, progress and prosperity every where.

India as the largest democracy should open its door for mutual trust and have confidence in its great potential to influence the world in all the strategic fields. There should be bold and united efforts for non proliferation and global disarmament of nuclear weapons. It is expected that the visit of U.S. president have  paved way for such an initiative .His expression supporting India to have a permanent seat in the U.N. Security council have been greatly applauded world wide. President Obama has appreciated India emerging as a major regional and global power and his country’s interest in the economic prosperity and security of India.

As per the joint statement of Prime minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh and President Barack Obama, in the years ahead United States looks forward for a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member. According to these two leaders all nations, especially those countries that seek to lead in the 21st century, bear responsibility to ensure that the United Nations fulfills its founding ideals of preserving peace and security, promoting global cooperation and advancing human rights. (Source: PIB,India)

In the worsening scenario of world peace and spread of violent extremisms all over, effective and strategic initiative should be taken by all the countries to revamp and strengthen the United Nations Organization especially the U.N. Security Council. India as the largest democracy and its emerging as a decisive country partnering with major scientific, industrial, information, technological and other areas of economic developments in the world is widely accepted. Hence the prospects of India becoming a permanent member in the Security Council with the support of USA can be a reality in the near future.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Income opportunity for Freelance Translators and freelance Validators

There are some online income opportunities and other revenue resources that you can see with the multilingual portal developed as part of the India Development Gateway (InDG) initiative.  The main motto of InDG is rural empowerment and provides valuable information related to sectors like Agriculture, Health, Primary Education, Rural Energy, Social Welfare and E-Governance. This portal was dedicated to nation by Hon’ble President of India in July 2008.

                  The eligibility criteria for Freelance Translators:

Individual or organization with experience in translation of content related to subjects like Agriculture, Health, Education, Social Welfare, Energy and e-Governance.

 Should have good command over English and respective language (Assamese / Kannada / Gujarati / Malayalam / Hindi / Bengali / Marathi / Telugu / Tamil).

Remuneration will be Rs 125/- per page of English source content

Eligibility criteria for Validators:

Domain expertise in any of the areas like Agriculture, Health, Education, Social Welfare, Energy and e-Governance.

 Minimum 5 years experience in content editing and validation activities in their local language.

Commitment and interest in taking up such responsibilities as part time basis.

Remuneration for validation will be Rs 25/- per page of any language content

More  details are avilable with the web site at: