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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Internet marketing, small business advertising and spam

The modern business world is now stuffed with internet marketing and is virulent with so many affiliate business and advertising programs. This is a competitive business world and all the cheap and best alternatives at low cost for advertising the business are highly sought for by every business people as to earn more and more profit.

 In this connection, I think it will be helpful for the newbie internet users to know certain actions otherwise affect their online business very badly. With the internet revolution, sending of e mail has become very popular and is termed as easy method of communication between the parties. Comparing with the traditional method it is very fast and cheaper now. But when it comes to the internet business circle it is being largely misused and all the unwanted stuffs are dumped to others e- Mail box in the name of advertisement. The new business people should be very cautious in this regard and must be aware of certain terms like ‘spam’ and wrong advertisement strategy to safeguard their interest.

As a matter of routine life, we get quite number of pamphlets or notices in our house hold or offices  and we may rather ignore it or may sometime glare to read the bold heading over it and dump  to the dustbin. As reading newspapers has become very common, various small business people try to entice the newspaper boys or agents to put their notice or pamphlets inside the newspaper for circulation as to get quick response to their business. They see it as a cheaper source of advertisement as it won’t involve much amount to be spent to send the advertisement of their business to every house hold. Like this, internet marketing also sees such type of cheap advertising avenues as to reach to the common people very easily. Sending e mail to unsolicited customers is common in the internet circle and is very disturbing too. It will be very annoying to get such notices or emails daily in our letter box or email for which there is no interest and lot of time and work have to be spent to clear or delete the same from our box. This is called spamming and should be dealt with very seriously.

In simple, e-mail spam may be defined as sending of e mails to unknown people without their consent or on any authority. In other words sending of e mail without any authority or valid reason to any unknown person is prohibited. It will be termed as spam and one should be very cautious and careful in their business to avoid spamming. There are lots of other cheaper and best alternatives to emails for business people to opt for their advertisement.

So it is commonsense to know that such an act of spamming is very serious and gives less credit to the business and should be avoided.

For big business people it may not be a real problem to advertise their own at larger scale as they have huge investment potential and have many other alternatives. . The problem is for those small home based business people and who are in hunt of some internet income as an extra source to support their monthly budget. In their urge to earn such income these people see email as a boost to attract large customers and do what ever possible means to reach to the internet users. It is not a crime to contact your online customers through e mail. But there should be some etiquette and common sense that one should follow in order to impress prospective customers. The very important rule is that one should never send a commercial advertisement through email to any unknown person unless there is some implied or express consent for this. Other wise it can be treated as spam and may result to penal action as per specific rules on this.

Internet mail providers like Yahoo, Google, Rediff, Hot mail and all others have their own code of terms of service and privacy policies to be followed while using their services. Read this at least once and those who are in the field of internet marketing should always abide by these rules to safeguard the interest of their business. While sending any emails to any third parties these rules should be strictly kept in mind even then there are some relaxations on the commercial use of email services these days.  So keep it in mind and do the business without spamming others mail box.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ayodhya - a future perspective

Hardly 60 years over now since our great secular country had been partitioned in the name of faith and belief.   ‘Pakistan’- A nation with majority of people who believe in the faith of Islam was formed by desperate Muslims who felt their future as very unsafe in their own native place or mother land India. Still a great number of Muslims had their   trust in their Hindu counterparts and the Mahatma of this great nation. They continued to live in their mother land with great hopes and ambitions of a secular India as aspired by our great leaders that time. They too had religious faith and belief but never let their faith and belief over take the patriotic feelings they always kept in their heart.

Now our judiciary acclaimed as playing a safe role to avert any communal tension in the country has decreed to divide the disputed land into 3 parts as 2/3 to the Hindu majority and 1/3 to the Muslim minority, which resembles the traumatic period of partition in India The justification for this order underline and justifies the faith of the majority community who had been time immemorial did worship Lord Ram by constructing a temple in the birth place of the God in Ayodhya.

 But my doubt is whether there existed any concrete evidence to prove this faith or is merely groping in the darkness for proving ayodhya as the birth place of Lord Ram and should be worshiped by erecting a temple over there. Can it be affirmed that there were no deliberate attempt by some fanatics or emerged communal leaders to distort the facts and evidences to prove their claim as correct to support this faith?    

Further I would like to raise a laymen’s doubt as whether the god  will admire and glorify his subject for recapturing the  place and build a great place of worship and place it  before the world? Whether this will have a lasting solution for all the communal tension and other socio economic problems we face in our country.  Will this strengthen the secular structure of our democratic India and raise the image of our country as a whole.

 On the other hand , is it not a barbarious act similar like the invader babber did in the 6the century? Whether the future generation will praise their ancestors for recapturing the birth place of their god? Do they not repeat such actions in the coming years in the name of faith and belief and demolish all the historical monuments in the country which are against the ancestor’s faith and belief. They can very well cite a precedence of new temple in ayodhya and the court verdict to support their action of faith over there.

 In conclusion I want to say that in this age of information technology, instead of brooding over superstition and twisted faith by selfish people, there should be an open attempt to think and evaluate everything free from bias. The fact is always fact and it should not be colored by giving a label of faith and belief. If our forefathers have told some tales or myths to the children as their faith, it should not be the ground for everything in the life and taken as truth and follow bluntly as a fundamental faith. By virtue of human being every individual have their commonsense to evaluate every thing he find in his life. Of course some people may have more intelligence than the others as the receptive capacity of their brain to realize the reality may be high.

 It will be always better if we do some rethinking of our faith with the capacity of our own inherent intellectual qualities. Try to understand and evaluate the underlying truth in all our faith and belief. The victory is where the entire citizen in the country live in mutual trust, harmony and in true faith and belief, free from any doubt and suspicions between the communities and religious sections. My vision is a secular, Democratic, free India where every one lives in peace and harmony, prosperous to deliver the ideology of a great civilization before the world.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Consumer Help Line – Telephonic counseling for consumer related problems

Government of India in its initiative has launched “National Consumer Helpline” in March, 2005 - in guiding the consumers to resolve various consumer related problems they may face in their daily life. There is a need for awareness of this facility and efforts are going on in this regard all over the country.

The toll free consumer Help line No

Now Consumers from across the country can access the toll free National Consumer Help Line No. 1800-11-4000 and seek telephonic counseling for consumer related problems faced by them

Government support and objectives

The project has its support from Department of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India with financial assistance from Consumer Welfare Fund. The main objective of this project may be considered as developing consumer awareness and their responsibilities on the day to day affairs of their public life while dealing with business and services.

Area of Consumer support

Make aware of the consumer right and empower to use facilities of grievance redress mechanisms.
Provide all such information required by consumers relating to various authorities, companies and firms they deal with.
It facilitates the consumers to do the required formalities in filing or registering complaints and grievances against any products or services.


In the month of August 2010, the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) recorded over 5,800 calls, which shows an increased awareness among consumers about this. Delhi remains atop in the list registering 2006 calls followed by Uttar Pradesh (704), Maharashtra (596), Haryana (497) and Rajasthan (467). Out of the total calls/complaints received, 18.72% relate to telecom sector. Other sectors/areas on which calls were received include banking (7.32%), insurance (6.02%), education (3.67%), LPG (3.07) and electricity (2.35%). 
As per the press release dated September 30, based on the feedback received from the callers, 297 complaints were resolved.

If you have any such consumer related problems or complaints, access the toll free National Consumer Help Line No. 1800-11-4000 and seek telephonic counseling for assistance

Source  PIB

What is after Ayodhya Verdict?

Finally, the judgment in the Ram Janam Bhumi-Babri Masjid title suits has been pronounced by the Special Bench of the High Court of Allahabad.  It has taken almost 6 decades for the country to come to a conclusion and different sections of the people in the country were eagerly waiting for a judicious pronouncement on this sensitive issue. The issue relates to sensitive matters on which different sections of the people have held different views.  

Maintain the Status-Quo
The orders delivered by the Honorable Judges need to be examined carefully.  What ever be the final outcome of the verdict it is necessary that as a secular democratic country every one should uphold the constitutional value and do their level best to keep the country united always in any diverse decision to be implemented finally. All possible efforts should be made for a consensus by all the sections of the people as early as possible. The High Court itself has directed that the - Status Quo as prevailing till date shall be maintained for a period of three months.  Further, the High Court has granted leave to appeal to the Supreme Court for a final decision on this. There should be no stone left unturned to arrive into a decision that amicably settle the issue for ever. It shall not haunt any one later and that should keep our great country united always with all such diverse cultural, linguistic and social affairs.

Different Views on the issues

There had been different opinion expressed by different judges on these issues and reaching to a solution acceptable to all parties was very difficult for them. So many complex issues were involved in the suits and knowingly or un- knowingly some of the points which the ordinary people see as very important might have been over looked too. The three Honorable judges have given their findings on the issues and finally pronounced the relief in a manner by taking   into account all the possible repercussion that may follow in the country in general. The need of the hour is to maintain the status quo until the case is finally taken up by the Supreme Court of India.

Maintain Unity in all such Diversities

We the people of India have already shown our patience and perseverance in the issue and maintained all such law and order in the country remarkably well after the pronouncement of the judgment. Those who were waiting to cheer for doomsdays in the country are at their curse. We the people of India shall stand united for ever. We must always maintain our best tradition in the country. We should never heed to such disruptive forces or rumor mongers who are all awaiting to create panic in the minds of common people and push the country in to anarchy and bloodshed. Ours is a great tolerant nation with secular and democratic values and respect all our country men as our own brothers and sister irrespective of their caste, creed and belief.

Individual and collective responsibility

Each and every one should take their own efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the country and never let any untoward incident broke out anywhere on this issue. Every one should be individually and collectively vigilant to halt any mischief s or stray incidents which may broke out due to differences in the opinion against or favoring the verdict.
Every one should respect each other and work for the common interest of the country and realizing the need shall stand united for ever in all the adversities our country may face out of this. Let what ever be our faith and belief, we all shall remain united ever for a strong India and be proud to be Indian.